In line with our Mission and Vision we at Super Edge have partnered with world leading manufacturers of Lubricants to cater to all industries and product categories.

Commercial Transportation

Marine Lubricants

Diesel Engine Oils

  • Slow-Speed, Two Stroke Crosshead Engines
  • Medium-Speed, Four Stroke Trunk Piston Engine oils
  • High-Speed, Four Stroke Engine oils

Gear Oils | Greases and Open Gear Lubricants | Hydraulic Oils | Turbine Oils | Compressor Oils | Coolants /Antifreeze | Rust Inhibitors, Specialty Oils

Passenger Vehicles

Passenger Car Motor oils
Power Steering Fluids
Transmission Fluids
Gear Lubricants
Fuel Additives

Lubricants for Industrial and Off-Highway Equipment

Construction Cement and Quarry Manufacturing
Power generation
Mining Agriculture & Farming
Oil & Gas